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The Reparo RPG
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Welcome to Reparo, a post-Hogwarts RPG.


It has been two years since Harry and his class graduated from Hogwarts. It was also two years ago that Voldemort's destruction came to pass. The consequential years after war and social suppression were to be followed by economic instability and uncertainty. Yet, human nature proved to be remarkable in its ability to move on through whatever hardships and joys, as time itself keeps flowing. This is the story of the survivors, and how they put their world back together. Welcome to the ever after.

The second movement begins on the 21st of December. The following are available characters:

- Alicia Spinnet
- Angelina Johnson
- Cho Chang
- Emma Dobbs
- Ginny Weasley
- Justin Finch-Fletchley
- Katie Bell
- Lavender Brown (heavy backstory: married)
- Luna Lovegood
- Nymphadora Tonks
- Oliver Wood
- Padma Patil
- Pansy Parkinson
- Parvati Patil
- Penelope Clearwater
- Severus Snape
- Susan Bones
- Theodore Nott
- Zacharias Smith

(There are other characters that may be plausible, such as Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Malfoy, and others that would have been involved with the Death Eaters during the war. If you'd like to apply for such a character, please include in your audition the details of how they would have survived/be free to roam about after Voldemort's fall.)

The premise of this game is simply this: as the lines between the Wizarding and Muggles worlds continue to dissipate, previously unrealized aspects of reality arise. Muggle technology, no longer taboo, is slowly leaking into the lives of wizards and witches, and the opposite is also true. With this conception comes a myriad of implications and possibilities for the proverbial new world order, where science and magic may come to collide. The characters have taken to online journals as a means of keeping in touch with each other, and their ever-evolving world.

This RPG is character and plot driven, therefore all posts must be written in either first person or third person format. This is an example of the two types of first person posts a character can make: private and public, respectively. They will be regular journal entries, and the characters may choose who is able to see and comment on their entries. 'Private' 'Friends Only', and 'Filtered' entries need only be labeled as such (in the title or somewhere in the body of the post), but all posts must be made viewable to the public. Of course, player knowledge and character knowledge are two completely different things and should be treated as such. Players are encouraged to work with other players on third person posts, which will be posted in the community journal. These are the actual stories of the characters' lives and are written via aim, yahoo, or e-mails between players. These posts are examples of those. Owls are to be posted in the community journal as well.

All character journals must be updated at least once every two weeks. Of course, the more you play, the happier we'll all be. If this is not possible due to temporary time constraints or real life commitments, the moderators should be contacted to avoid any misunderstandings. We're pretty easy going. :)

Also, this rpg keeps "real time" in the sense that if it is December 21st (2004) for you, it is December 21st (2000) for your character. Only four years behind.

1. Proper English (yes, that refers to England) spelling and grammar for first person posts, if it applies to your character. They can write how they wish to in their journals, we only ask that they are portrayed convincingly.
2. Show respect for other players. Basic courtesy is expected at all times. Any player found guilty of insulting, flaming, or harassing other players will be asked to leave the game.
3. If you would like to involve other characters in a plot involving yours, it is imperative that you let the other players know. Casual mention of other characters in your character's journal is fine, but the use of other characters in such a way that it affects them significantly in any aspect (physically, emotionally, etc.) is expressly forbidden, if done without permission. This goes back to the whole respect thing. ;)
4. All character journals and the communities must be added to your character's friends list.
5. Players must at least be 15 years of age.
6. No NC-17 posts because of the above. (But perhaps we'll create a seperate community to post those, eh? ;D)
7. Any and all OOC comments or discussions must take place in the OOC community.
8. Have a blast. If you are not having said blast, I (Ev) shall smite thee with my mighty Titanium Spork of Doom. Fear me.
9. Only two characters per player maximum. (One can audition for as many characters as desired, however. This increases chances of getting into the game.)
10. Praise the mods. Constantly. And give them lots of gifts, ooh, yes, they like those.

This is the second movement of Reparo, which means that there was a *gasp* first movement, in which many characters were played by amazing roleplayers, consequently leading to the fact that most characters have some sort of backstory or other. It won't be hard to jump in, however, as we still want the players to portray the characters in their own style; we only ask that they be aware of the character's past. This is easily remedied by a) reading old character journals or b) asking the mods. We'd prefer if new players picked up the old character journals, but making new ones is not against the rules.

If you have read the rules and general information and are interested in auditioning, audition away! Send forms to reparo.rpg@gmail.com

Audition Form

Questions for the player:
1) What is your name?
2) What is your age?
3) Tell us a bit about yourself.
4) List your past writing experiences. This may include former or current RPGs in which you've been, or are, involved. Also, what do you think are some of your strengths as a writer?
5) What are some of your plans for the character you wish to play?

Questions for the character:
1) What is your name, age, and date of birth?
2) Where do you live?
3) Tell us a bit about yourself.
4) How do others perceive you?
5) Describe the details of the event in which your powers first awakened.
6) Do you believe that Muggles, or nonmagical people, are better, equal, or lower in stature than those who posses magical abilities?
7) What is your most vivid memory?
8) What is your greatest fear?
9) What is your greatest passion?
10) Describe your happiest moment in life to date.
Lastly, provide a sample entry: (150 words min.)


We hope to see you in the ever after.

Your mods, of_evangeline and ferox


Hang out the flags a new world order's on the way
Start singing now a song to greet the joyful day
Just when we thought
The time was right for celebrating
With music of the spheres
What's this - Another boat of fleeing refuges on
A sea of children's tears

Once more the sound of crying
Is number one across the earth

We're only men and women doing what we can
Sometimes I think that god is working to a plan
Then other times I swear that he is improvising
Discordant and remote
Another orphan baby in failed uprising
Another real bum note

Once more the sound of crying
Is number one across the earth

--"The Sound of Crying," Prefab Sprout